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Peerstar LLC℠ is the largest provider by geographic area of certified peer support services in Pennsylvania, offering guidance, support and hope to individuals recovering from mental illnesses and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorders. We are also a national leader in providing specialized forensic peer support services in prisons and communities to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who suffer from mental illnesses and/or substance abuse disorders, working closely with law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole and the judiciary.

In addition to our size, Peerstar℠ distinguishes itself from other certified peer support providers in the following important ways (Click on the links to learn more):


Peerstar Enlightened Recovery —A Peer-Professional Supportive Partnership


Peerstar Enabled Recovery —Defined by the Individual: Mind, Body and Spirit


Peerstar Enhanced Recovery —Special Peers for Special Populations


Peerstar Empowered Recovery —Academic Excellence and Best Practices


Peerstar works closely with the Yale University School of Medicine Program for Recovery and Community Health.

Peerstar also provides complete management services and technical expertise to other peer support organizations in Pennsylvania and nationwide, helping providers successfully operate, grow and manage their peer support programs.


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