Dual Diagnosis

Support that Understands

Peer Support for Dual Diagnosis is a specialized version of peer support that has two areas of focus. The whole program helps promote independence while incorporating extra support, collaboration and simplified activities. 

Dual Diagnosis Focus

Encouragement for individuals to live their best life

Work on goals that help mentally and physically

Pair individuals with Peer Specialists who have lived a similar experience

Highlight the positives and strengths of each individual

The whole person

Help them to advocate for themselves when appropriate

Encourage and empower those who need that support

Dual Diagnosis Transitions

Peer Support for Dual Diagnosis Transition focuses on tough transitions in peer's lives and has specific goals for those peers to work


Dual Diagnosis Transitions Focus

Short-term support for an individual transitioning

Focus on goals that help the individual successfully transition

Assist other support systems in place during the transition

Support focused on the individuals well-being mentally and physically

Help individuals go from a non-organic way of transitioning to a more orgranic way

Peer Connect

Peer Connect focuses on linking peers with Psychiatrists that specialize in working with Dual Diagnosis, along with enhancing community connections all guided through recovery based assessments.

Meet the Director

Katherine Mullins