Peerstar Enabled Recovery - Defined by the Individual: Mind, Body and Spirit


Every individual is different. The concept of mental health “recovery” is that it is entirely self-determined—each individual defines what recovery means in his or her own way, without preconceived notions, judgments or compulsion. Recovery is also holistic: all aspects of what we think of as ourselves are involved in the process—mind, body and spirit.

Peerstar believes the individual client and his or her unique goals are paramount in peer support. That’s why every Peerstar client receives a comprehensive Individual Service Plan (ISP) developed by a team composed of the client, the assigned certified peer specialist and a mental health professional—and that's also why the ISP is

reviewed and revised by the client and the Peerstar recovery treatment team every six months. The ISP serves as each client’s own personal roadmap for recovery and includes goals and activities including:

Each client’s valued outcomes (including physical health, mental health, spiritual health/practices, housing, employment, family and person relationships)


  • Short-term, realistic, specific objectives described in terms of specific measurable outcomes and time lines


  • The person or persons responsible for carrying out each part of the plan


  • The activities or modalities to be employed


  • Safeguards


  • Natural supports and community resources


We think of a Peerstar ISP as enabled recovery because it enables our clients to recover on their own terms, at their own pace, and in their own way.

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