Peerstar Enlightened Recovery - A Peer-Professional Partnership

Many peer support service providers are managed, operated and staffed exclusively by individuals who have themselves recovered from mental illnesses but lack professional training in the fields of mental health. substance abuse, criminal justice, employment, housing and conflict resolution. They may also lack experience in working with healthcare providers, governmental agencies and in operating and managing a service agency and meeting the needs of both clients and employees. Peerstar is uniquely different.


Peerstar embraces the core philosophy of peer support that persons with a lived experience of personal recovery from mental illness are invaluable in supporting

others in their own recoveries, but Peerstar believes the likelihood recovery for our clients is greatly increased when the recovered peer specialists who support them are themselves supported by a team of dedicated professionals who can provide the training, oversight, consultation, crisis management, advanced techniques, and organizational infrastructure, stability and security necessary to free peer specialists to assist their clients in the best way possible while maintaining their own recoveries.


We call this our philosophy of "enlightened recovery"—a partnership of mutual honor and respect between recovered individuals whose sole purpose is helping others in their recoveries and seasoned professionals working together to deliver timely, compassionate, efficient and effective peer support services and create a stable, secure workplace environment. We believe our enlightened team approach to recovery offers our clients and employees the best of both worlds—vital consumer-based peer support and outstanding professional care.

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