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Peerstar℠ Forensic Peer Support Coordinator Wins State Award

Peerstar℠ is proud to announce that Lori Schultz, CPS, coordinator of Peerstar’s forensic peer support program, has won the 2012 Pennsylvania Forensic Rights and Treatment Conference Award from the Drexel University College of Medicine. This award is given to individuals who work on a grass roots level and make a difference for persons with mental illness in forensic settings. Below are the presenter’s remarks made when Lori received the award. Congratulations Lori!

Lori Schultz has played many grass roots level roles in supporting mental health recovery in forensic settings. In addition to being a certified peer support specialist and supervisor, Lori is a forensic peer specialist and forensic peer support trainer. She is also the Coordinator of Peerstar LLC’s℠ six-county forensic peer support program, which employs more than 20 forensic peer specialists and has provided forensic peer support services to more than 470 incarcerated individuals with mental illness since 2010.

Lori’s success in each of these roles is the result of her ability to see and know peers as individuals with dignity, to inspire hope, to understand the criminal justice and mental health systems, to make herself available to her peers 24/7, and to her unique ability to build professional relationships of trust with criminal justice officials.

Lori Schultz is truly a person who has made a difference for people with mental illness in forensic settings.


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