• Jessica Peacock

Promoting and Supporting Recovery and Self-efficacy: A presentation by Gina Calhoun July 22, 2015

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Peerstar is proud to join with Nulton Diagnostics, Behavioral Health Of Cambria County as well as Cambria County Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities/Early Intervention to offer a 3 hour presentation on Promoting and Supporting Recovery and Self-efficacy. This workshop will be held July 22nd, 2015 beginning at 9:00 am at the Holiday Inn Express, Downtown, 250 Market Street, Johnstown, PA.

Gina Calhoun works for the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery as National Director for Wellness & Recovery Education. Previously she worked for the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. She is a certified peer support specialist and has had the opportunity to be part of 21 certified peer specialist trainings, 7 certified peer specialist supervisor trainings and over 100 WRAP® trainings. Gina’s unique experience centers around Harrisburg State Hospital (HSH). She used the services at Harrisburg State Hospital for several years before escaping to live on the streets. Gina came back to offer peer support during the closing of HSH and went to work on the former grounds of the hospital complex. She attributes her recovery journey to supportive relationships that choose to focus on ‘what’s strong’ instead of ‘what’s wrong’; and for the opportunity to work in a supportive environment where she is part of a team making an international difference. In 2013, Gina was the keynote speaker at the National Olmstead Policy Academy; the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s All Staff Meeting and for the University of Tokyo’s Mental Health Convention. Gina won the Timothy J. Coakley National Behavioral Health Leadership Award. This award honors consumer and family leaders in the behavioral health field whose work is characterized by the highest degree of integrity and a passion for creative approaches for improving the lives of persons living with mental illnesses, especially in the public sector. She was recently published in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (Volume 36, Number 3).

This 3 hour workshop highlights the work of Albert Bandura and his research on supporting persons to believe in his/her own ability to succeed. We cover the 3 most effective ways to support a person to believe in self...mastery experiences, social modeling and social persuasion. Mastery Experiences highlights the skills involved in walking with a person toward self-identified goals and the value in each step of the journey. Social modeling highlights the skill of self-disclosure through the power of ‘when’, ‘what’ and ‘how much’. Social persuasion highlights the power and importance of language as well as intention vs. impact. We will also touch on the physiological responses to fear that can influence a person's ability and/or willingness to try. This workshop uses a 4-tiered approach to learning...presentation (offering the information and education); illustration (bringing the information to life through examples); facilitation (getting people involved in a discussion); and experience (letting people practice).

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:Evaluate the influence of relationships and environments on a person’s belief system.Examine the skill of self-disclosure.Practice the power of language beyond changing words we don’t like to words that sound better.

For more information visit our calendar of events or to register you may email or call Patty Trexler at: (814) 534-2643 or ptrexler@co.cambria.pa.us.