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Competing Against the Clock


6:00 a.m. (buzz! buzz! buzz! buzz!) goes the alarm! Maybe another 5 minutes...another 5 minutes... (sunlight shines lighting up the room) ...I OVERSLEPT! That moment when we feel our mind in a panic as it begins to race with our heart thumping (bah-bump, bah-bump, bah-bump!) Quickly, as we shuffle around to get organized and check on everything (coffee pot! pets! kids! MY PHONE!! MY SCHEDULE!! AH! Morning breath!) ...the coffee pot is not working (yelp); I stubbed my toe...of course (starting to breathe fire); hey guess what(?) you have a doctor's appointment in ten minutes (gulp-sigh-grimace!). This is overwhelming and embarrassing. In turn, it's kind of like, "Yeah! What else have you got?? Bring It On (as I have this vision of dodging, bobbing, and weaving more obstacles).

I am sure we have all experienced this sudden reaction type of moment that is enough to put us in panic mode, an adrenaline rush; and that sense of an internal alarm that is shocking. This scenario is enough to set forth a day of discontent, and uneasy feelings, disrupting your sense of harmony and leading to a bad day. However, it does not have to turn into a bad day. Can you pause your day to rewrite your agenda to make it better(?) I have had my share of moments where even a power nap turns chaotic with time management (a hint of wallowing while shaking it off). I'm learning at the end of the day to sit back and smile...maintain that are strong so keep smiling.

No fear! As the light shines through the clouds and we have the [focus] to gather our thoughts, let us remind ourselves that it is [OK] to have these experiences-these moments. Yes, considering the fact that you may have a temporary chaotic moment compounded by the quick intense burst of panic, the most important thing I would recommend (based on experience) is for you to [reset] yourself (provided 5, 10, or 15 minutes -- because your health matters) and refocus what your priorities are. Here we renew our hope.

Competing Against the Clock is a challenge and one that can easily spark a disheartening reaction. As for me, and perhaps you as well, I'd like to strengthen my hope by choosing how my day will go despite the panic mode. I choose to hold a smile, provide a compliment, and help my fellow person have a better day.

We allow ourselves to receive Hope, Inspiration, and Triumph as we work through a time of disarray.

I define Hope as (Help Outside of People's Exterior -- or Extended view). Hope is feeling content and humble because there is a greater good opportunity.

Obie Wan Kenobi told Luke Skywalker, "Luke use the force; the force is within you!"

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