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Recovery Resources Scoop

Do you want the scoop on a sweet recovery resource? This one can help you expand your skill set and gain knowledge! Guess what, there are also FREE options available! Who doesn’t love free knowledge?

There are multiple different websites you can check out for free online courses in various subjects. Everything from health and wellness to introduction to psychology and many more. Check out, they have free courses from universities like Yale and Stanford to name a few. Other websites like Udemy and edX offer free online courses as well (there are plenty of others out there). Considering going back to school but undecided on what you want to go for? Check out some of the free courses to get a feel for what you are most passionate about. Just have a passion for learning and want to advance your skillset, and understanding and gain valuable knowledge then it is there!

Keep in mind there are some “cons” to sites like these. If you do opt for the paid courses some of the sites offer certificates of completion and LinkedIn badges. These won’t necessarily guarantee you a job in that field and they don’t transfer over to college credits. If you do the degree courses, they are only credited to the college that is offering the program. If you are looking for something that can save you money and transfer over to college credits then there is a website called Sophia partners with 40 plus different schools, in case you are already enrolled in one of their partnered schools or considering it.

These sites’ free resources would be best for someone looking to gain knowledge and have a passion for learning. There are plenty of ways you can apply what you learn. Do you have a hobby? You can take it to the next level by learning more about it. You can also show employers that you gained knowledge in areas by being a go-getter and learning in your free time. There are endless ways to take the knowledge and apply it to your own life. It also wouldn’t hurt to do your own research on these different websites to see what would best suit you and your individual interests.

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