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Connections Throughout Our Lives

Connections have shaped what we’ve come to learn about the world, community, family, culture, and even ourselves. Some of us have floated around in this life rarely sitting at our table, learning who we are, and where we fit in this world. We bump into people who stay, and into those who grow apart.

These little crosses of string are connections or relationships of all different kinds where support is and where resources are or sometimes… even a lightbulb in your brain.

Connections are happening all around us and inside our bodies. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the quest of ourselves where there are so many complex corners of our brain.

How can we understand others without first understanding ourselves? We do this by finding peace within ourselves and supporting our mistakes as well as our strengths.

This happens through forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves. We would only then become more accepting and appreciative of everyone around us. We are learning to appreciate our interactions with people as unique experiences with those complex and individual people who all have a story and something to bring back to our table in so many ways.

We consider new approaches to our families, our communities, our social structures, and our relationship with ourselves.

We are learning healthy boundaries for ourselves and those around us, how to maneuver social situations, and how to enhance our experiences and interactions within our communities with the support approach.

Becoming a CPS has flipped my approach to outward and inward connections on its head. I carried myself for many years in a manner of defense of my flaws, and in fear of my failures. My views of myself shifted during COVID-19 and would kickstart what seemed like an eternity of sitting down and being honest, but gentle with myself. In the refuge of tumultuous relationships that had circled me, as well as those, I had with my thoughts. I sought support from the only person who knew me best. Me.

CPS training would captivate what would be this new way of thinking. The less I worried about who I should be, and more about supporting my unique approach, the more I could help other connections in my life that empowered me to widen my reach within. We are learning to structure our lives with people in healthy roles and look for that unique approach within ourselves that helps people feel validated in their unique approach. We learn more about our families and where we fit in each other’s lives. This is where we could grow to create a more supportive platform and approach for our children and spread hope and peace of mind in our interactions with others.

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