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Step 3 “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him”


Turning over my WILL and my LIFE…

What does this mean?

It will bring hope

that has yet to be seen.

MY life -MY will: MY actions, MY thoughts

Were they taking me places? Definitely not places I wanted to be .

I called the shots, I made the rules,

I lost it all, and became a fool.

Chasing love, I began to hate.

Seeking happiness, I sealed my fate by holding on to control

I thought that I had.

The serenity I longed for became elusive,

The actions I took because my thoughts were intrusive

caused a journey of pain, addiction, and loss,

Until one moment I considered the cost, and thought that just maybe  I’m NOT the boss

of my life… so,

I made a decision to turn over my power

to The God of my Understanding , having faith every hour that

this Power could lead, this Power could guide,

this Power had love so deep and so wide; I let go of the wheel.

I was along for the ride.

The steps that I took as I strived to recover from

The pain in my life helped me to discover that I am never alone.

There are others who care, people who get it.

My Power is there, with me through struggles.

One day at a time,  I am given the choice: rein in or give in.    

Will I use my voice and express what I need?

Will I enter “the rooms” with God as my guide.

Will I walk the 12 Steps so my fear will subside?

Turning over my WILL and my LIFE takes persistence

Every step of the way I fight the resistance

 that lets me believe I can recover alone.

 but I know better, the seeds have been sown.

The seeds of wellness, and faith to believe

that by turning it over I will receive everything in my life I want to achieve.

The God of my understanding is wiser than me

  Being willing to accept this: THAT is Step 3.


Holly Girty, CPSS, Supervisor II

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