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What’s the difference?! DSP versus CPS

In this informative piece we are going to follow along with Nichole Hopkins, CPS as they describe the difference in their role as a DSP versus a CPS. We at PeerstarLLC encourage all services and want to support individuals in what their needs call for! We are focused on each persons individualized recovery plan and support in proper resources and outreach.

So from mind of Nichole Hopkins, CPS:

I have spent the last year and a half working as a direct support professional and have recently been asked to describe the differences between my role as a DSP versus a CPS.

My support role as a DSP is to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live as independent and productive lives possible within their abilities. It is, at it's basic form, supporting others with daily living tasks that they would not be able to accomplish on their own in order to survive and live their best qualitative life.

As a CPS my support role is also direct, but looks completely different. The support I offer isn't to assist them in daily living anymore. It is to offer support and resources to the individual in their recovery. and to help them become completely independent with no need for my services in the future.

That's not to say that I can't learn from one job in order to be more productive in the other. I firmly believe that working in a direct support role has helped me to learn patience, develop more empathy and learn that everyone's support needs are different.

While the end goal is similar within the two professions, live a healthy independent life, it's important to understand that independence also looks different for those with IDD than a Peer in recovery.

In the end and individual with IDD will always need my support to live. With a Peer I hope, in the most lovingly way possible, that they become fully independent in recovery and I never have to see them again.

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