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Wellness Activities/Champion Opportunities


(Champion Opportunities)

[From The Creative Mind of E/W]

(mentor, writer, scholar)

We experience twelve months in a year which consists of four seasons that may positively or negatively affect mental health and personal wellness. One fact we can all agree on is we like to feel good! Let’s explore wellness activities that may help [you] feel better.

Wellness Activity #1: The Worry Box is a concept of taking an ordinary box and creating it to drop [worries] into over time. You can use a shoe box; tissue box; tin can; container; or whatever works for you. Indeed, you can decorate the box giving it an identity. The purpose is for [you] to write your worries on paper, fold it, and put it into the box. Here, you allow yourself 2-4 worry times a day with the practice of reducing [worrying] to once or twice a day—it is an excellent approach to help control your worries—it can take time.

Wellness Activity #2: Change-Recovery-Environment. Consider the fact that a room, at best, has four corners; inasmuch, each [corner]can be designated as a different activity: Corner 1: meditation, reflections, worship; Corner 2: music, writing, thinking; Corner 3: craft, art, project; tend to plants, social media; Corner 4: exercise, plan, organize, call a support. Moreover, accommodate as you need to with spacious areas and smaller areas—helps to provide focus :) Wellness Activity #3: Scream (Pillow) Therapy: Whether you live in an apartment complex, a small door-to-door neighborhood; or in the country setting, it is a practice to use a pillow and bellow [loudly] into the pillow your emotions—Let it go! Here you can unleash your emotions while practicing a healthy and productive way to unleash yourself—I’ve never apologized to a pillow…yet. Wellness Activity #4: Blanket Therapy: Wrap yourself in blankets and sheets for the [added] comfort of feeling secure and relaxed. Wrap the blankets and sheets however it works for you in order for the stress to melt away—there is a psychological effect here where some people like to feel the compression of the material around them-soothing! Wellness Activity #5: Communication [Assertiveness]: [Communication] is the art and science of using written or verbal language to provide a message to one or more people. Reflect on that statement as it is factual and think to yourself if you are a good communicator. My observation is anyone can [talk] but can people effectively communicate? I do not intend to start a debate but it is good for critical thinking. Communication involves [sending and receiving] information; in essence, communication may create emotions and turn into an argument leading to adversity—yes, it happens—I feel we have all been there. Allow me to highlight the communication tactic of assertiveness: assertiveness is when I am explaining to one or more people my rights as an individual while respecting their rights. As set forth, I have the right to be heard and respected while I am expressing myself all while respecting the receiver’s rights. You may think, “How is that possible without popping your cork?” Assertiveness takes practice and comes in time. We as people are all human so we have the {natural tendency} to feel joy, sorrow, hate, and anger which can be portrayed in a conversation. I mentor peers and staff to use eye contact; practice open body posture to demonstrate confidence; and keep their hands in a business pose to express interest. We are all people who have emotions. EW Disclaimer: Blog posts reflect the opinions and experiences of the specific blogger and do not reflect the views or beliefs of Peerstar, LLC as an organization.

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