Peerstar Enhanced Recovery - Unique Peers for Unique Populations


At its essence, peer support means that support comes from a “peer.” This means the person providing the support should be able to say to the person requesting it: “I know what it’s like. I’ve been there.” But not everyone who has recovered from a mental illness has been there.

What if in addition to a mental illness, you’ve also been struggling with a lifetime addiction? What if you were recently released from prison? What if you’re an older adult? Almost anybody can be a friend, but can somebody without similar experiences truly support your recovery?


Peerstar believes there is no one-size-fits all in peer support. So we employ and train certified peer support specialists who have unique backgrounds that come as close as possible to matching the backgrounds of our clients. In fact, we’re among the first peer support service providers in the nation to provide forensic peer support services. Click here to see a presentation about Peerstar's Forensic Peer Support Program. And we continue to add specialties as the need arises. We call it Peerstar enhanced recovery—unique peers for unique people—and we’re proud to be able to meet the needs of all of our clients and the providers and government agencies that interact with them, including drug and alcohol, criminal justice and agencies for the aging.

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